Worldwide Webspace Doesn’t Belong To Any Of The States

Once again has reinvented itself into two programs. One is the economic program. Other is the engineering program

Earlier also these programs were marked for marketing and engineering but the whole algorithm is changed now. So that they work seamlessly better. Changes are always made for this. So both the programs would repeatedly get reinvented till the connectivity is not accomplished across the whole of humanity and everybody accessing one webspace in mobility with portability.

The domainers and programmers of the whole world make the most of internet despite all the politics disturbing this all the time. Therefore the worldwide webspace cannot ever belong to any of the political states. Even now this belongs to neither.

Internet is the free zone of humanity. The states are greedy to tax it arbitrarily. That must get resisted by everybody from worldwide. ‘One world, one Internet’ is not mere a slogan. It is a program for the peoples of all countries to get accomplished altogether.

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