The Internet Is Here To Stay

Internet is here to stay and the requirement for essentials i.e. domains, websites & apps isn’t going to disappear. By working as a people’s personal outlet you choose the Internet as your place of doing business and you help others in doing the same. By doing this, you get a very big market to capture from your home simply by blogging your business.

As a people’s personal outlet your objective is to help other businesses to come online. You do this by helping businesses to register their domain name, then you make their website with the help of Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce and you charge something for that.

This business marketing can be done in two different ways:

  1. Targeting the global
  2. Outreaching the local

Both of the ways have their own side of importance.

Targeting The Global Market

The first way is blogging your business on your domain, it helps you to target the global market. This is a long term plan, not a one day task. It helps you to establish your domain, your identity on the world wide web, and following that it brings you business with progressive passive income.

Passive income means the income which requires little or no effort in earning whereas progressive passive income is when you make little effort to grow your income. In your case, this type of income is built when you keep blogging your business on your domain and make use of Google Adsense to monetize your website.

Outreaching The Local Prospects

The second way works locally, it can be a short term plan which gives a boost to your new business as the income can get big, fast and you can start your earning from the very first day. Here, what you have to do is reach out to the businesses in your neighborhood, in your city and help them to come online.

When you will start outreaching your prospects, you will certainly meet two types of people:

  1. People who were already waiting for your call, message or email
  2. People who were not waiting for your call, message or email

The first kind is the group of people who already know that they have a need of bringing their business online, they already want a website from a good service provider. The reason they are still offline can be anything, maybe no one contacted them before, or the developers who contacted them asked for more money, trust issue, procrastination, etc. You can easily close deals to this type of prospects with a good offer Also keep in mind that these people don’t just want your services, they want a relationship with a person they can talk to and get help from.

The second kind is the group of people still living in the industrial age, even the wakeup call from coronavirus pandemic hasn’t woken them up so just let them sleep, don’t target them personally with calls, messages, and emails, etc. This group should be targetted impersonally with the medium of blogging and advertisements etc. You are already blogging your business to enlighten humanity, so your local efforts should be focussed on the first group of people.

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