The World Would End The Way It Began

Still the internet has very little or no information about the new book of lectures by Stephen Hawking “Sparmus” but it is overwhelming by the chaos caused by its preface in which Stephen Hawking has very recently claimed that the Higgs-Boson has worrisome potential to become meta-stable at energies above 100bn giga-electron-volts, which might send the universe into catastrophic vacuum decay with a bubble of true vacuum expanding at the speed of light. With this the time and space would collapse and none would see that coming.

We better revisit the catastrophic vacuum decay to grasp its problems better. The simplest theory is that the world might end the way it began. But whether the events from past, present and future would ever collide upon the collapse of time and space even for a negligible moment if any time would get consumed in that final event in any possible space?

Another problem persists that how the true vacuum bubble, expanding at the speed of light causing catastrophic vacuum decay, could ever reach to the horizons moving away from it at equal or greater velocities in universe? Thus it wouldn’t even catch up with the light leaving the solar system it is formed within.

Scientists are humankind. Their scientific cognition is subject to their personal understanding, which might sometimes get driven by their personal requirements. This is what makes them wish and pray also.

Stephen Hawking betted $100 with Gordon Kane that physicists would never be able to discover the Boson. Has this been a scientific temperament ? Not at all.

With the invention of Boson, CERN has reminded Stephen Hawking his negligible existence in the universe and once he lossed the bet, he said, it made physics less interesting. Indeed it certainly made HIS physics less interesting.

Now, in the preface to a new collection of essays and lectures called “Starmus,” again he made an infantile attempt to reinvent his importance. by creating a panic that the (invention of) particle could one day be responsible for the destruction of whole universe.

Physically this theory is considered directed against the world’s largest particle physics laboratory CERN but here too he failed to be creative as he used old theory of a Higgs-Boson Doomsday, where quantum fluctuation makes a vacuum bubble that expands through space and wipes out the universe. This time Stephen Hawking really deserves to get paid by Hollywood for his wonderful script idea.

Physics has already become less interesting to him. A few months back also, when he was bothered with the development of artificial intelligence and said it would become the Artificial Intelligence could be the worst thing to happen to humanity, he did not forget to appreciate Jonny Depp’s latest film Transcendence (where computers can surpass the abilities of humans) and said dismissing the film as science fiction could become the worst mistake of humankind.

Stephen Hawking is confronted for predicting this astrophysics not because he is incorrect but because his being so explicit can send the panic through the people worldwide up to the extent of shutting down CERN like laboratories globally, where the Higgs-Boson was physically discovered in 2012 by the scientists and where World-Wide-Web was also invented on March 12, 1989 by a CERN employed scientist Tim Berners-Lee on his NeXT computer. Naturally such places have been extremely beneficial to humankind.

The world has every right to end the way it began but that avenue should better explored by entertainment industry till then.

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