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How To Easily Create A To-Do List In WordPress ?

You can set your WordPress install to let you users create private to-do lists or you can have all your site users share a to-do list, or you can have a master list with individual completion of items.

Cleverness To-Do List is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create To o list and provides you various options. You can assign your list items to a specific user, the plugin also includes an option to email new to-do item to the assigned user, you can optionally have those particular items only view able by that user.

You can assign different permission levels, capabilities, show deadline, progress fields, get category support and front-end administration etc.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Cleverness To-Do List. After activation the plugin adds a To-Do List menu in your WordPress admin bar.

Click the link for opening the To-Do list page, here you can add to do items to your list.

You can configure all its options and features from its settings page (Dashboard -> To-Do List -> Settings)

Admin Area Widget:

To Do List Page:

Settings Page Showing Different Options Tabs:

Widget & Shortcode Support

The plugin provides you a sidebar widget and a shortcode [todolist] which you can use for displaying your to do list items anywhere in your WordPress site.

For adding the to-do list admin area section to the front-end of your website use the following shortcode: [todoadmin]