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I am Edison Nica, a software engineer with over a decade of experience in Software Industry, most of that time at Microsoft and Google. I quit Google to build a business model around true privacy, because without a sustainable business model, privacy can’t survive.

4 moths ago, I put myself in the public service, with the goal to help people have more privacy online.

Lots of efforts started last year around improving users online privacy, my effort tries to add something new, and my vision is based on these core principles:

  • Data resides safely on the end user’s own device and is not stored in the cloud or by the advertisers
  • Data flow is transparent and user is under control
  • We must get Advertisers and Publishers on board, if we want to build a sustainable ecosystem

Tell us more about 0PII, LLC? Its brief history ?

Lots of efforts started last year around improving user’s online privacy, most around encryption. We want to contribute too. Our approach is that instead of fighting the Advertisement industry, we want to co-opt it. I don’t believe we can have more privacy as long as every business in the world stands to lose from better privacy.

So how exactly your idea sparked?

The two key principles are that “one can’t take away something I don’t have” and “privacy must be backed by a business model”.

For us, privacy means that only the user has his/her data – that 0PII stands for, Zero Personally Identifiable Information. So the user data resides safely on the end user’s own device and is not stored in the cloud or by the Advertisers.

If we want to protect user’s data, then we need to make sure it can’t be uploaded. But we live in a connected world, and many applications really need internet access, so for applications that need access to internet, we then need transparent data flow and user control over it. We must know What, Why, How and When an app accesses the internet.

And lately, if we want to build a sustainable ecosystem, we must get Advertisers and Publishers on board.

How it will improve internet life?

The products we build do not require the user to surrender privacy for convenience, free products or free services. You will be able to download a free game, that does not require network access, and still that game will be able to make money from advertisement.

Does it already exist anywhere else? What makes it different from all other frameworks out there?

We are not aware of any other company that does something similar.

Current Internet Giants have monopoly over your data. Your data stays in their servers and it is used to track your behaviour, extract knowledge and improve their services. Unfortunately this keeps the little guy out of the loop. Current small business can’t flourish when Big Players have monopoly over data.

Our solution breaks up this monopoly and lets you, the user, have your data, while we build services around decentralized user data. And without a monopoly over your data, and with true privacy, even small business will be able to offer you quality services.

What philosophy drives you doing this?

People have asked for more privacy, but in the same time they want convenience and free products. We bridge the gap between convenience and privacy.

Also, this is the right thing to do.

What keeps your endeavours unique?

We bring the Advertiser, Publisher and the User together, to show them that we can live in a harmonious world where Users get convenience and privacy, Advertisers can find the right users for their services, and Publisher can make money while protecting user’s privacy.

How other netizens can help you in this regard?

First, help us by contributing to our campaign on IndieGoGo: we can’t understate how important is to have financial freedom. We need money to develop our product as soon as possible. Second, tell your friends, Share on Facebook, Tweet about our campaign on IndieGoGo!

Any future plans ?

Our most important plan is to launch our Mobile Advertisement Platform.

Do you own a domain? Where netizens can grab latest news feed about your projects? We share news on Twitter:, but we can be found on Facebook at LinkedIn and Google+

What is your ultimate message for netizens?

Help me so I can help you!

It is that simple.

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