Shardul Pandey Talks To Kayla Nettles, A Country Music Artist

Shardul Pandey Talks To Kayla Nettles

Kayla started taking her voice lessons from an early age, when she was just few years old. She participated and won various singing contests and performed all over the country.

At the age of 16 she made her way to Hollywood with American Idol. Afterwards she came back to Nashville and started working on her own CD which is now brilliantly produced and written by some of Nashville’s best. The music has been recorded and now she is planning its release party. You can be the part of this special event & help her make Nashville history by supporting her crowd-funding campaign here.

I welcome you Kayla at SANGKRIT, please tell our netizens about yourself?

I am so grateful that I was able to grow up where music always a part of my life. When I was three, my father shared his love of music with me and would bring me up onstage to sing with his band. At the age of nine I was invited to perform at the MGM Grand in Vegas and I believe that was the turning point of when I really wanted to make this my career. My mother took the time to learn about the music business and she does everything she can to help me live my dreams. Her love and support are always here for me when the journey gets tough.Traveling from town to town for shows gets difficult at times for us with my 5 year old brother but he is a trooper! Growing up in a small town in Florida my friends and family have always been here for me and their support gives me the courage to keep going!

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What is something you learned recently about singing, and what are you learning about right now?

My voice get stronger everyday with the techniques and warm ups I do. I work for a vocal studio here in Nashville, “Brett Manning Studios” and I learn something new everyday! I believe it’s not just about being a good singer and being able to sing a song with high range.. When you’re listening to someone sing you want to be able to close your eyes and believe every word they are singing and feel the emotion they are putting into the song. That is what sets you apart from the others.

Do you try giving messages in your songs? If so, what are they?

Of course! I feel like the most important part of songwriting is when the song comes from your heart. If you mean what you say and have been through what you write about I believe your fans will appreciate you as an artist and be able to connect to you and your songs on a more personal level. My inspirations don’t always come from boys, or going through hard times. I love to look on the bright side of situations and have uplifting messages for my songs.

Do you ever feel like the music industry is very competitive and that people will not hear your music?

Do you have any plans for an international tour on your horizon?Being an artist and living in Nashville, Tennessee I’ve been turned down more than once. There’s different ways you can deal with rejection and the way I deal with it is I turn completely to my music. Even if every time you’ve tried before you’ve lost. I believe it’s about getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again.

Nothing in the works right now..! Staying busy on tour throughout the U.S. It has been a blast being able to meet so many amazing people and share my music with them!

What’s next for you? What can we expect from you this year ?

I wanted to make an EP that would stand out from the crowd. A few ways I was able to achieve this was making sure I put the work into releasing a quality product. I have a structure to my EP, I took the time to pick original songs that I believe people can relate to and have a better understanding of who I am and where I want to go as an artist. I am really looking forward to the C.D. release party in the near future! Be Prepared to get NEW MUSIC, TOUR DATES, and EXCITING NEWS about my adventures around the states! Keep a lookout for upcoming Youtube video covers, original music and me just being goofy(:

What singers were you influenced by?

Being a songwriter as well as a singer, I look up to many of the writers here in Nashville. Taylor Swift being so young when she released her first single “Tim McGraw” has definitely made an impact on me, plus she is a great songwriter and performer. My vocal coach, Brett Manning has taught many successful artists and has always given me support and courage through my musical journey. It has been an honor working with him and for his studio “Brett manning studios” as well as writing songs with him. Martina Mcbride and Faith Hill have always inspired me. Their vocals are so powerful and I love the topics their songs are about, very personal and I can relate too many of them.

Do you have any long term goals?

I feel what helps me stay on point is to create a “Game Plan” With a reasonable amount of effort on my part and a reasonable amount of faith in the journey.

I constantly revise my game plan as my life, career and my goals change as well. Of course I have many goals I would like to accomplish and check off my list but I’ve realized in this business you are always learning new things to become a better artist, so even if I am able to headline my own tour in the next few years I know I still have a lot to learn!

Tell us about being on American Idol and what you learned about yourself from the experience.

Words can’t describe the sights, sounds and feelings you experience being a part of one of the most popular shows in America! It was an overwhelming, chaotic at times but amazing journey. 400,000 people auditioned for season 11 of “American Idol” so I am very proud of myself for making it through “Hollywood Week”. It was an honor when all three judges said YES after I performed and shared my story with them. Being on the show I’ve learned to appreciate my talent and how to connect with my audience on a personal level when I am singing. I am more comfortable singing a variety of genres and confident when I am on stage. It’s a life changing experience!

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What is your ultimate message for netizens ?

We all have dreams, hope and fears; we have all been bruised and broken. I believe music HEALS and god has given me a beautiful gift to be able to touch someone with the lyrics or melody in a song and it is an amazing feeling. When you dream and have ambitions, and actually work towards them then your future has a goal.. an aim.. something is in store for YOU. Never give up on what you love.

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