Shardul Pandey Talks To Sara L. Heart

Shardul Pandey Talks To Sara L. Heart, A Young Artist And Author Of The Novel “Wyrial”

Shardul Pandey Talks To  Sara L. Heart

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I welcome you Sara, please tell our netizens about yourself?

It’s hard to say “I’m a writer”, “I’m an artist” or give you any concrete definition of myself. I love doing everything related to art, from writing, to painting, designing clothes and also directing. I’m writing a fantasy novel called “Wyrial” and most of my art revolves around this enormous world of endless characters and stories.

I love a captivating story, I love fiction and everything that comes with it. I live a lot inside this world and I spend most of my time creating things that I find beautiful. my goal is to share my creation with the ones that want to hear about it. I’m very quiet, I enjoy being alone and my head’s always up in the clouds, but I love being this way. I guess people say I have that “mad artist vibe”. The thing I hear the most is “you’re different”.

Tell us something about the characters and the theme of your novel ? How exactly your idea sparked for writing “Wyrial” ?

The idea came to me when I was about 11 years old. I cannot exactly explain how the idea sparked. I simply saw little scenes in my mind, like tiny movie-clips, and I assembled them into a story, over the years. It’s more like the idea and the story came to me rather than me making it up and creating it.

This is a fantasy novel that revolves around reincarnation and the many lives that people live in order to evolve. This includes lives in many planets and brings together a multitude of races and worlds. The novel takes place on our planet earth and the main character is a young woman that is being introduced to these concepts and finding out about her past, while meeting people that she has shared a life with, before. I’ll be talking a lot about meditation, our chakra system, the earth’s dimensions and so on. All of this, of course, in a plot full of intrigue and adventure.

So are you doing any extensive research for writing this novel?

Oh yes, of course I am. I can’t say I’m doing any research on purpose to write this novel, but I am using everything I have learnt and read about, so far, for my own benefit, to write it. This book will be the result of all my studies, along the years.

What you feel is your strength as a storyteller and how would you like to be remembered as an author?

Every since I was a child, nothing has excited me more than to read a book or watch a TV show. It amazed me how people would create these wonderful worlds and make the audience go through so many different emotional states and learn important things about themselves, while getting to know the characters. That is what I want to be, for my readers. I want to create a world that will mean something to them, that will shake them and make them question their beliefs, while offering them the comfort of knowing they are not alone in their troubles. I want them to see themselves in the people I write about and inspire in them the will to grow, just as my characters do. I feel like I can give them people that feel and sound real, with genuine, deep issues. Also, interesting, intricate plots. Those are so much fun to make! It would make me happy to be remembered as a creator, an artist, because those are the people I admire the most.

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Any future plans? What other projects you are currently working on ?

I’m planning on moving to London, to get a masters degree on Creative Writing or Directing. Meanwhile, I’m working as a freelance writer, I sell my art (They’re available for purchase on Etsy and I also accept portrait comissions) and I have a small custom jewellery business called Be.Vain, with a friend.In the future I want to get my book published and, later on, develop it into a TV show.

What are some of your favorite things which you enjoy when you’re not busy working ?

That’s the good part of being an artist: I never feel like I’m working. Writing, painting and creating any form of art are my favorite things to do. Still, apart from that, I enjoy reading, learning anything I can, long conversations with friends, shopping and (don’t laugh) eating!

Which country are you from? Tell us something about your city and your favorite hang out spots?

I’m from Portugal and I live near the capital city, Lisbon. The actual place where I live isn’t even a city! Pretty much nothing happens here, which is good and bad. The good part is that it is quiet but, strangely, I love writing in noisy places. There’s something about a big crowd, the big city vibe and an abundance of stores that lifts my spirit up. Still, when I’m here, I usually end up taking long walks with friends or at this small coffee shop, which has a small, hidden open space at the back, where I usually write. Plus, they have English breakfast tea, my one true love.

I am open for interviewing all those individuals who opt internet as their place of doing business, What is your opinion for continuing this ?

I think it is an amazing idea and something that is much needed, nowadays. It is good to see people who show an interest in helping and promoting the ones who have decided to follow this path. I’m glad to find this kind of support from such a great program and I hope this grows.

What is your ultimate message for netizens ?

I guess if my message could be condensed into a small sentence, I wouldn’t be writing a book so, just to finish, I would encourage everyone to keep an eye out for artists. We often have a lot to say and a lot to give, sometimes more than we’re given credit for. We do need a lot of courage to follow this path that is so uncertain, but still quite wonderful. If you’re one, don’t listen to your fears, when they tell you that you should put your dreams aside and choose a safe path. Everyone should take their risk at greatness and very rarely can we find any real joy in safety.

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Thank you very much Sara for opting Internet as your place of doing business. I wish you success in upgrading humanity!

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