Quartz’s Innovative News App With Interactive Chat Bulletin

Quartz has designed a whole new way of delivering news via chat. It works like live conversation of news, very much like chatting where they send you text message, images, files and links and puts you in complete control to decide what you like to read and when you like to read more. If you find any topic interesting, simply tap to continue.

Each news session lasts a few minutes and that makes it fast and more useful on work, small breaks while shopping, driving, waiting someone for a meeting etc whenever you have a spare moment.

It works more like a news bot journalist that keeps you informed and entertained. It provides you notifications like other app but never buzzes your phone until and unless it becomes very important to disturb you.

Most interesting chart of the moment

On the today screen of app you can view most interesting chart of the moment. And when there is no news, it gives you a quiz or something like that to keep you entertained.

So far the app has received mostly good comments. One of its happy user says that by far the app is most interactive, it was his first day with this app and he is already compelled to review it 5 stars.

In just first couple of minutes the app showed him that this new form of news delivery is great. Some reports says that that although the app is good and innovative but still not great experience for some who prefer old ways of reading news such as app that buzz them on breaking news and provides blog type reading.


Well such old ways are also not that old as there are many who still prefer newspaper instead of using an app or browsing news on Internet.

Whole new experience with live journalism

What-so-ever comments and news reviews say, this app provides a whole new experience of news that puts aside existing notions about news apps and tries to make journalism live which is something entirely different in-comparison to other methods of reading news online.

It would be better to give this news app a try then decide what news delivery service is better for you. You can download the app here for your iPhone to test the new and more innovative way of watching news.

One Limitation

One limitation of this app is that it is exclusive to iPhone users so Android users will have to wait for it to become available for them.

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