Now McAfee Social Protection Protects Your Facebook Images

Now by using McAfee Social Protection App. you can prevent strangers from viewing, printing and downloading your FB images.
Uploading any photo on Internet means you are ready to open it for pubic. Internet is for sharing not for hiding so it is better not to upload those photos which you like to keep private. But still if you are FB addicted and upload your photos there but you don’t want them to be accessed by strangers then this app. can reduce the risk of accessing images without prior permission up to some extent.

McAfee company released this app. explaining that it would be protecting your images from strangers by preventing them viewing, printing and downloading your private images. I don’t use it because I don’t need it and I don’t trust these types of apps. Facebook itself has many privacy issues so I don’t share any private information there. If you need to know about more features of this app then you may try using it – McAfee Social Protection and this article would be explaining you more of its features.

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