Bypassing Social Reader Apps In Facebook

Many Facebook stories that appear on your newsfeed require Social Reader App to open access so you can read them. The main problem with the Social Reader App is that it broadcasts your profile activity to newsfeed of other sites hence each of your friend know what you are reading on Internet. If you don’t want your friends to know what you are reading then you should bypass the Social Reader App:

  • In most cases Facebook offers cancel button whenever you click any link that require Social Reader App. Clicking cancel button redirects you to the article without publishing it on other networks.
  • Some Social Reader Apps like Yahoo when posts links on newsfeed doesn’t give cancel button and immediately posts the link on your Timeline. In such condition move to: Privacy Settings >> Ads, Apps and Websites >> Edit >> Apps you use >> Edit Settings >> Select your App >> Click Edit And Now select “Only Mean” on Posts on your behalf . This manages who can see posts this app makes for you on your Facebook Timeline.
  • Now the easiest way to read any article that requires Social Reader without letting anybody know is to copy the heading of that article and paste it on Google search and read it. Actually all those articles that require Social Reader on Facebook are open on the web so you can read them from somewhere else.
  • If you need to block Social Reader App permanently then open App Menu present on your Facebook’s Homepage, look for Social Reader and click [x]  to remove it.

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