How To Use WordPress Command Line (WP-CLI) At

WordPress websites at can also be managed with the WordPress Command Line Interface i.e. WP-CLI. So if you’re skilled with command line interfaces then this can be a much simpler way to manage things on your website.

First, access your Managed WordPress account via SSH. Then change to your account’s HTML directory using the following command: 

cd html

Pro Managed WordPress account (available in U.S.A. and Canada only) users, don’t need to follow the above-given step, they should directly jump to the step that follows:

Now run the WordPress Command Line WP-CLI application with the following command:


A few more examples:

To update all plugins, run the following command:

wp plugin update --all

To update all themes, run the following command:

wp theme update --all

To repair your database, run the following command:

wp db repair

You can find a full list of commands on the WP-CLI site.

At you can also make use of a custom command called purge to clear your Managed WordPress account’s cache.

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