Is Keyword Research Important Before Posting Articles On Your Website?

No. Keyword targeting has become irrelevant after Google Hummingbird update which works on the concept of semantic web search. It pays more attention to the sentence or conversation or meaning instead of taking only keywords into account.

Many out there will tell you how vital SEO is to your website and you could spend the rest of your life reading SEO guides and meticulously cramming keywords into every possible tag on your post, writing meta description and submitting your URLs to all popular search engines.

You could also empty your bank account hiring marketing consultants to build some SEO strategies for your website.

OR you can simply start writing good, useful and interesting content on your website and Google will do the rest, because they are already making efforts in bettering their technology to keep only useful results on the top of their page without getting stuck in any so called SEO tricks planned to cheat them.

And this is the only reason Wikipedia tops the search results page most of the time without using any SEO tricks and despite of using Mediawiki which is not optimized for search engines.

Top ranking results are the ones that provide natural content that reads conversationally. So all you have to do is post good, useful and interesting content on your website.

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