Best Advertising Extensions For MediaWiki

Site Notice After hook is one common way  to display advertisements on MediaWiki Website. It allows you to place your ad code directly below the site-notice and above the page header. In this lesson we gave hand picked some other MediaWiki extensions that can be used for displaying ads on any MediaWiki website.

AdManager: The AdManager extension allows per-page or per-category placement of ads into a wiki page. It is designed to work with zones from an external advertising server such as OpenX but allows the placement of zones from (probably) any such server. The ads are displayed in the sidebar.

It was sponsored by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and was developed by WikiWorks.

AmazonContext: This extension will allow you to put Amazon Context Links in your MediaWiki installation.

WikiBanner: The WikiBanner extension allows banners to easily be added to the top and bottom of the wiki. The code for the banners is defined in LocalSettings.php and is controlled by variables. This implementation makes it easy for inexperienced users of MediaWiki to implement banners at the top and bottom of the wiki. It also makes it possible to add banners that cannot be changed or removed, such as would be possible by wiki administrators if the banner were added to the site notice. This makes the extension particularly useful for placing advertising or report abuse links, as such content cannot be removed by abusive or rogue administrators. The bottom banner can also be used to include post article advertisements as readers leave the page and/or Disqus comment boxes.

PCR GUI Inserts: The PCR GUI Inserts extension lets you add pieces of HTML code at the top, bottom or below the sidebar of your wiki, the Graphical user interface (GUI) area. There is no limit to what you can add within these areas.

ShoutWiki Ads: ShoutWiki Ads extension displays Google AdSense ads on skins. Currently it supports Monobook (requires patching), Monaco and Truglass skins.

AdsWherever: The AdsWherever extension displays any advertising codes on your wiki page.

Google AdSense: The Google AdSense extension allows to easily add Google AdSense advertisements to the sidebar of your wiki. This extension requires an account with Google’s AdSense.

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