Universal Shopping Cart To Compare Prices Across Multiple Websites

You can create a universal shopping cart in your Google Chrome web browser and do cross website shopping research to compare prices on most websites like SANGKRIT.net, Amazon, eBay, BestBuy etc.

You can create multiple shopping carts of various sessions and add similar items on each shopping cart to find the difference between prices.

Smart Shopper is a Google Chrome app that automatically activates universal shopping cart, a click away in your web browser.

Start by adding ‘Smart Shopper’ in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser

Once extension is added it adds its icon on the top right corner of Chrome, right next to the address bar.

Clicking this icon followed by the + button inside it while product page is open on any eCommerce shopping website fetches product details and price (which you may edit if the sale or discount is open) on your universal shopping cart.

You can add multiple items and compare their prices in one easy click on the go.

For instance: Following given screenshot shows the price difference of Website Builder of SANGKRIT.net and the other website.

Universal Shoppingcart

It allows you to create different shopping carts for different shopping sessions, you can also select text then click + button to save that text as a short shopping note, you can sort items by price or use easy drag-drop to reorder items your priority wise.

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