How To Use Android To Recognize Music Playing Around You?

Now with just one easy tap you can recognize the music playing around you or if you remember lyrics but don’t know what song it is, you can enter the words and get song details.

To recognize any song playing around you, all you need to do is a tap on your Android phone and it will recognize that song.

Start by installing SoundHound, a free Android app that lets you identify the songs people playing around you.

How It Works? As soon you tap, the app listens to the playing song for a few seconds and then automatically searches its servers to find all important song details.

SoundHound 1

You may also search for any song by typing a few words from the lyrics or you can simply start singing that song in your own voice.

After the song is recognized by the app, it displays you all important information like album art, artist and where you can listen to that song online.

SoundHound 2

The app has tons of other features like it brings you free song streams, new artists, updates from your favorite artists and more.

SoundHound is an ad supported app.

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