Generating Pie Charts, Changing Images And Bubbles In Your Website’s Favicon

Adding Pie Chart In Favicon

Piecon is a tiny libraryof JavaScript which can generate live working pie charts in your favicon. As you can see below:

If you want to see it in action visit here.

It has been tested in following three browsers:

  1. Chrome 15+
  2. Firefox 9+
  3. Opera 11+

Basic Usage:




color: ‘#ff0084’, // Pie chart color
background: ‘#bbb’, // Empty pie chart color
shadow: ‘#fff’, // Outer ring color
fallback: ‘false’ // Toggles displaying percentage in the title bar (possible values – true, false, ‘force’)

Adding Changing Images and Bubbles In Favicon

Piecon is inspired by Tinycon which manipulates the favicon by adding bubbles and changing images.

It adds a single object to the global namespace without any initialization. You can change the width, height, font,color, background and fallback of alert bubbles in your favicon.

Basic Useage:



width: 7,
height: 9,
font: ’10px arial’,
colour: ‘#ffffff’,
background: ‘#549A2F’,
fallback: true

Tinycon is also been tested in the same three browsers and its release are available for download at GitHub, visit here.

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