Twitter Suspends Mobber From Using Its API

Twitter has suspended Mobber from using its API. Mobber helps you to spread the news and get rewarded for spreading news for others. You can follow other Mobs and also you can start your own Mob. You start by logging in with Twitter or Facebook. Twitter login now appears disabled in Mobber but Facebook login is still working.

Mobber is now blocked by twitter, may be because it was creating a direct competition with Twitter’s Promoted Trends which includes promoted accounts and tweets and is a part of Twitter advertising products.

How Mobber Works ?

  1. An advertiser starts a mob and offers exclusive prizes for users to join.
  2. By joining users commit to tweet or status update a certain message for the advertiser.
  3. The mob fills, the tweets are released all at once and the users receive their prizes from e-mail.

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