Easily Start Tweaking Powerful Ubuntu Unity Environ In Seconds

Ubuntu Tweak [ALSO READ: Ubuntu Tweak, Download & Installation Tutorial], a well know application among Ubuntu Users. The application provides you various useful features and customization you can make in Ubuntu Unity without any programming skills. Here we are discussing about the tweaks this useful application provides you.

Type Ubuntu Tweak in search box and click top open the app. By default Ubuntu Tweak opens up its Overview tab. Click Tweak tab, third tab from both left and right side.

Unity Tweaker

Now here you will be seeing various on/off buttons handy buttons. From this page you can turn on/off HUD, you can enable fullscreen mode in Ubuntu Dash. you can enable Super key, you can set launcher hide mode to never hide, auto hide or intellihide, you can enable or diable Composing Manager but to take it affect you may need to log out then log in back. Other than these all settings you can also increase working spaces, by default Ubuntu Launcher shows you four working spaces but you can increases that number to 36 or decrease it to just 1.

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