Easy Ubuntu Tweaking App To Configure & Tune Up Unity Environ

MyUnity is a great tweaking app for Ubuntu users. It is simple, easy to use and downloads in seconds. The application gives you a compact and clean interface for tweaking many features of Ubuntu 3D Unity and some of Ubuntu 2D. You can install it directly from Ubuntu Software Centre.

How to install MyUnity App In Ubuntu?

  1. First thing you need to do is visit Ubuntu Software Centre, by default Ubuntu Software Centre icon is present in the launcher, click it. Else use Dash Home search.
  2. From Ubuntu Software Centre search and install ‘MyUnity’ app.
  3. Now visit Dash Home, type MyUnity and click to open it.

Using MyUnity app you can easily customize launcher, dash, panel, desktop, font, themes etc.

MyUnity Launcher Customization Page:

MyUnity Dash Home Customization Page:

MyUnity Panel Customization Page:

MyUnity Desktop Customization Page:

MyUnity Font Customization Page:

MyUnity Themes Customization Page:

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