Ubuntu Tweak: Download, Installation & Usage

Ubuntu Tweak is a free Ubuntu app for configuring Ubuntu easily without working with any terminal command and code etc. It provides you many cool desktop and system controls that default Ubuntu desktop environment doesn’t provide you. Using Ubuntu Tweak you will be able to enjoy the experience of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Tweak

Step-1 Downloading Ubuntu Tweak

So the first thing you need to do us visit its Ubuntu Tweak’s Website and click ‘Download Now’ button. This will start download of a .deb file.

Next step is to run and install the downloaded .deb file.

Step-2 Installing Downloaded File

Click the file and run the installation process, By default the file opens up with Ubuntu Software Centre from where you can complete installation process easily.

OR You can also install the file via Terminal. (Supposing you have downloaded the file to your desktop) Open the terminal and use the following command for installing Ubuntu Tweak from its .deb file:

sudo dpkg -i ubuntu-tweak_0.7.0-1~precise4_all.deb

Now type the following command to complete the installation process by installing any missing libraries.

sudo apt-get -f install

Step-2 Using Ubuntu Tweak

By default, after installation you will see Ubuntu Tweak launch icon in your Unity launcher. OR you can visit Dash Home, type Ubuntu Tweak in search box and click to open it.

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