Easily Show Stream Of All Your Online & Social Activities In WordPress

WP Social Stream is the new WordPress plugin which enables you to display a stream of all your social media and other online activities in your WordPress site.The plugin is not just limited to social media website but it covers all major networks, web blogging platforms and popular web sites, even wikipedia and github etc. The plugin is very easy to use, all you have to do is add your usernames and starting using its shortcode [wp_social_stream], you can use it inside you posts, pages, text widgets and other shortcode supported areas of WordPress.

How To Use WP Social Stream Plugin?

Install and activate WP Social Stream plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Social Stream page and enter the usernames or IDs which you have on social media and other websites, you can display your online activity from 46 different websites. When you’re done adding your usernames, save the settings and your stream shortcode [wp_social_stream] is now ready to use.

Web Stream On WordPress

The stream us fully responsive and it allows you to customize its look and feel. Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Social Stream page and you can customize its background, link, text, link hover color and define the number of activity feeds you like showing up, default is 20 feeds at one time. Check out  the demo here.

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