Adblock Plus Is Available For Facebook Users

Adblock Plus allows you to remove all Facebook ads, annoyances etc for enhancing your experience and making web browsing fast. Facebook Customizer, a Google Chrome app offering Adblock Plus allows you customize your Facebook experience by stripping down all unwanted and disturbing ads and other annoyances. Using this app, within just two clicks you can hide all 21 unwanted elements from Facebook sidebar and also from your newsfeed section. It takes you back to the old Facebook you once loved, showing you only status and other updates, shares from your friends.

Now a days Facebook is showing a large number of ads. By default these all adds are are removed by Adblock Plus. And not only this much but you can remove other unwanted nuisances like section for ‘Pages you may like’, ‘Games your friends are playing’, ‘Upcoming concerts’ and much more. With Facebook Customizer you can remove all these unwanted elements from your browsing experience.

Following are 21 unwanted annoyances that can be removed from your Chrome browser when browsing Facebook: –

Music Pages You May Like – Entertainment Pages You May Like – Add to Movies – Add to TV Shows – People You May Know – Rate To Add To Your Movies – Rate To Add To Your TV Shows – Rate Books You’ve Read – Rate These Places – Get Important News – Recommended Pages – Rate Movies You’ve Watched – Add to Movies – Add to TV Shows – Rate TV Shows You’ve Watched – Suggested Groups – Friend Finder/Find More Friends – Games You May Like – Play It Again – Suggest Friends – Nearby Places

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