Best Plugins To Use WordPress As An Online Magazine

WordPress features are going more magazine type day by day. Like in 2014, the default WordPress theme lets you create a responsive magazine website using a sleek, modern design. 

Twenty Fourteen theme is widely appreciated by the WordPress users. It allows you to feature your favorite homepage content in either a grid or a slider. You can use the three widget areas to customize your website. Creating a magazine website with WordPress has never been easier.

But the themes has some minor issues which you can easily be resolved by reading this tutorial.

In this article we are sharing  a list of some useful plugins you may use for transforming your WordPress installation into an online magazine website.

Aesop Story Engine

Provides you a suite of components that enables the creation of interactive storytelling themes in WordPress.


The plugin provides you a bundle of tools that allows you to create rich, immersive Storyform magazines with just a one click.

Storyform 1

It enables you to choose posts for applying the Storyform platform individually.

Simply set your application key then select which Storyform templates to use for each post.

It allows you to transform your long form WordPress posts into a well-designed magazine layout story.

It supports printing type magazine features like:

  • a diverse set of well-crafted layouts
  • touch, mouse and keyboard friendly pagination, no more scrolling
  • multi-column articles
  • high quality typography
  • drop-caps
  • pullquotes
  • large photography
  • animations
  • rich video


A very good plugin that allows you to create an issue based structure on your WordPress blog posts and pages. As said by the developers, “There are dozens of themes out there geared to making WordPress “look” like a issue based site. But IssueM is the first plugin that truly takes the Issue based system to the next level in WordPress.”

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