iPad Rubberneck Disrupter To Secure WordPress Login On Public Places, While Giving Presentations And Screencasts Etc

WordPress admin is day by day getting highly optimized for small screen devices, it has made things much easier for everyone. Now you can access your website admin while giving presentations, showing screencasts, explaining any WordPress feature to a client or whatever.

But have you noticed that when you login to your WordPress site on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch device, each character of your password is displayed as you enter it. 

Today Edward Lennon (a SANGKRIT.net user) emailed us. He said that whenever he tries logging in to his WordPress site using his iPad, it shows each and every character of the password as soon he enters it.

He is noticing the same issue on his smartphone device. This is not ideal when you login to your WordPress site in a public place because someone might be looking over your shoulder.

So how to fix up this minor WordPress issue?

Start by installing and activating iPad Rubberneck Disrupter, a simple WordPress plugin that obscures your password when you type it on your iPad.

iPad Rubberneck Disrupter 1

It simply makes each character of the password to appear as a plain disc (just like it happens when you type in your password using a laptop or desktop computer).

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