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Always Prioritize Your Own Ecommerce Website Than Any Marketplace

Selling your services or products on your website is one source of income. Selling them on other eCommerce marketplaces is another source of income that you cannot rely on as it can stop anytime in case you violate any of their terms and conditions.

So make yourself liberated by starting your own eCommerce website. You may use other marketplaces if they are profitable for you but always prioritize your own eCommerce website as that gives you complete control over your business.

Establish Your Own Name In The Market

The second source of income i.e. selling on the eCommerce marketplaces might give you more orders during the early phase of your business but it won’t let you establish your name in the market.

To stand out in the crowd you will need to establish your own identity on the internet, otherwise, you will get lost in the competition. So register and work from your own domain name.

For example, All marketplaces give very minimal options for seller profile personalization. Establishing an online identity cannot happen on someone else website. On other websites, you don’t really establish your identity instead you work under their name.

Let’s say you visit any eCommerce website for purchasing a smartphone. You will see that there are some known vs unknown companies. You will easily recognize known companies because they know they cannot establish their identity only by selling on some eCommerce marketplace. You will find that they all have their own website. They make a profit from other eCommerce marketplaces but they are not dependent on them.

Empower Your Right Source Of Income

So always work for empowering your first source of income i.e. selling products from your own domain because that will take you into the safe zone of business. You will define your own style of selling and decide your terms & conditions instead of following someone else.

For example, Dominos has its own eCommerce app with a food delivery service and it doesn’t rely on the largest food delivery services out there.

Yes, Dominos’s customers use other food delivery apps too but when it comes to placing orders with Dominos, they generally use its original app instead of any other app. Even if the largest food delivery companies fall, Domino’s service will stay unaffected.

So Make Your Own Ecommerce Website Today

You simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce and you would be able to make your own eCommerce website without hiring any web development professional.

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