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What Makes WordPress Ecommerce Best For Starting Your Online Store?

WordPress Ecommerce is based on the two dominant web technologies i.e. WordPress and WooCommerce and then it is repacked with other essential technologies you need for running your online store. This makes WordPress Ecommerce a one-stop solution for running any kind of eCommerce business.

Hence, to start selling online, you simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to the WordPress Ecommerce plan, and you will get an SEO-optimized full-featured online store. You will not need to buy anything else, not even web hosting, backup service, or online support. Everything can be managed from the control panel of your account.

Easily Add & Update Products

WordPress Ecommerce gives a hassle-free selling experience, it lets you easily add and update products, set their price, or tick them to special sales and offers. You can easily specify rates and make automatic tax calculations based on your country’s taxing system.

Sell Globally Or Locally In Your Region

Small business owners can set a limitation by assigning a location where they want to do business. By using the geolocation option you can auto-identify the location of your client by detecting his IP so that you can perform delivery or restrict certain products and services depending on the user’s location.

Advanced Shipping Options & Rates

Apart from integrating a courier service provider, or utilizing govt. speed post option, you can also use local shipping options such as pickup from your store or nearby location. Set shipping costs over different products and their variations, offer free shipping to nearby places, or restrict shipping based on customer’s location.

Preinstalled Payment Gateways

You can accept payment by pay-on-delivery option, by using popular payment gateways such as stripe and PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, or via direct bank transfer.

Preinstalled SSL HTTPS Encryption

The SSL certificate is pre-installed on your website so you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of getting your SSL approved and then configured over your website so that you can secure online transactions and activities that happen on your website.

Malware Scanning, Removal & Repair System

The built-in malware scanner scans your website on daily basis and the malware removal and hack repair tool help you to fix your website during emergencies so that you don’t need to hire someone else for that.

Website Backup With One Click Restore

With secure built-in hosting, you also get a website backup service that keeps a regular backup of your website. This backup can be restored anytime with one click.

WordPress Ecommerce is different than all other WordPress & WooCommerce hostings because it bundles everything you need to start and grow your online business.

You also get free access to premium WooCommerce storefront design themes and over $1,500 of WooCommerce add-on extensions.

Most of the things you see on a good eCommerce website such as displaying related and recommended products and highlighting good offers and sales work automatically when you make your website with WordPress Ecommerce.

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