The Story Is Spread Almost Everywhere

To become a good writer, you learn considering everything as event because every entity is an event like every event is the outcome of a storyline in itself.

Storytelling is like entrapment. You make your readers driven by the curiosity allocated at the beginning. Only gradually you let them grasp it and finally you are done with them but they fail to go away. It must be made difficult to them. That is the sign of the most successful storylines.

Looking for your own ‘once upon a time somewhere’ you have to find out your actual time and space to let the tale begin. As a storyteller you must find this out as the story is spread almost everywhere in everything seen throughout the time of your storytelling. Following that you will come to know that where to end.

Every entity is made of some story, whether it is the house or household man, his table or the tree. Giving them that respect helps you in getting any idea of that, fulfilling your storyline, as per its necessity.

The stories are spread everywhere. You have to pick just any untold one.

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