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Why You Should Accumulate Traffic On Your Own Domain Name?

The traffic that comes directly to your domain name is truly yours, no one can ban you from that.

A successful blog has one niche with multiple sources of income, multiple sources of traffic as well as multiple customer bases. It has one strategy and many ways to execute that approach. This way it doesn’t rely on only one source for traffic and income.

Don’t Depend On Only One Platform For Traffic & Income

Always remember that your success can turn into failure if you have one source of traffic or income and in case it dries up, you will encounter a big loss.

For instance: If your business is dependent on your social media page and it bans your account pointing to its terms and conditions that you have never read, you will be in crisis.

Make Your Domain Name Powerful

Search engines have the power to change their algorithm, social networks have the power to ban accounts without prior notice, social media sites keep the power to kick people out whenever they want, and eCommerce marketplaces hold the power to blacklist sellers.

So depending on one source of traffic means you are betting everything on one thing and this is a big mistake that can drown your business and leave you with nothing. So it is very important for every business owner to have his own traffic direct on his own domain name.

Accumulate Traffic On Your Own Domain

Register your domain name to start blogging about your business, and promote your business website on other traffic-rich platforms to use them for accumulating traffic on your own domain name because that will never let you get into a loss.

The traffic on your domain name i.e. the people who directly visit your website is truly yours and no one can ban you from that. So use other channels for bringing new traffic but don’t depend on them. Instead, try transforming that traffic into your subscribers and keep them connected with the help of Email Marketing.

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