What Is Gravatar And How To Get One?

Gravatars are the globally recognized avatars, it is an image assigned to email addresses which automatically shows up on gravatar enabled websites. For Exmaple: Suppose you have created a WordPress site and invited your friends to join-in, now if they have a gravatar profile and they registers on your website using the same email address, their profile picture and names will automatically start showing up on your website. Gravatar service was created by Tom Preston-Werner. Since 2007, it has been owned by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

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[heading size=”17″]What Is A Gravatar Profile?[/heading]

Your Gravatar profile shows your profile image, your name and other details which you have added before. You can edit your Gravatar profile anytime by logging into your Gravatar.com account, navigating to My Account and selecting Edit My Profile option.

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WordPress sites having hover card module enabled (a feature of Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin) also displays a gravatar profile card which is the mini version of your gravartar profile, it appears when anyone hovers the mouse pointer over a Gravatar image. It only shows public profile information and not private.

[heading size=”17″]Why You Should Get Your Gravatar?[/heading]

If you are a blogger who read and write comment on websites or if you are running multiple websites then creating a gravatar is good for you. There are many reasons like it would be easy for you to manage your profile picture from one place, there would be no need of uploading and cropping your profile images on each and every website, you can easily get recognized on other websites, clicking on your comments other can view your gravatar profile and links you have added there, you don’t look like spam on websites you comment.

[heading size=”17″]How To Get Your Gravatar?[/heading]

You can easily get your gravatar by visiting Gravatar’s website. Signing up for its free account, uploading a profile image and assigning email addresses. You can also add your social media profile and your website links in your gravatar profile.

[heading size=”17″]Troubleshooting[/heading]

There is a common problem that might come in your way at the time of signing up your gravatar account. Yes, sometimes it says that You Already Have an Account. While signing up with WordPress.com, you might be informed that your email address is already in use. This generally happens if:

  • You have previously signed up for a Gravatar account. Likewise Gravatar and WordPress.com accounts have used shared information for some time so in-case if you have used Gravatar before it has been required using WordPress.com accounts then try signing in using your existing Gravatar account credentials.
  • Or may be you have already signed up for some other Automattic service, may be WordPress.com itself or Akismet, or Polldaddy etc which all are part of WordPress.com system. Hence try logging in using your existing account information.
  • Or ma be you have forgotten that you have already signed up before for WordPress.com or any other of its service. In that case reset your password with WordPress.com. After resetting your password, try logging in again.

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