It Is The Victory Day Today

Internet has won a major battle today. That too against a popular government by thrusting their own people in resistance. 

Today on October 31st, 2014, Internet has finally won just by flashing android lights as nightmare to a government. This time the popular government of Hungary got defeated because Internet has successfully activated Hungarian people in resistance to it.

Popular Hungarian prime minister Viktor Mihály Orbán has to announce that he is cancelling the plan to introduce an internet tax in the way it was announced earlier. The victory is not yet final since he said  that he would launch a “national consultation” on internet regulation in January, to look for ways to tax some of the “huge profits generated online.”

Although momentarily but it is certainly a victory of internet over a popular government in Hungary. Viktor Mihály Orbán has to withdraw his proposed tax on internet usage.

FREE WI-FI! FREE INTERNET! FREE HUNGARY! were the slogans in Budapest but it sounded an echo with ongoing protests occupy central in Hong Kong against Chinese diktats, when people of Hungary held android lights high in front of the economic ministry here.

The internet growth engine has declared the October 31st as the day of victory of the internet. On Friday, October 31st in 2008 a research paper was published online. That did for the first time mention about ‘bitcoin’. It is history now that with the invention of bitcoin an ingredient of political power ceased to exist forever. Internet finally got its independent currencies in circulation. Now flashing the android lights has become a way of showing the democratic capacity of connectivity incapacitating all despotic governments through the internet age.

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