Top 3 WordPress Admin Themes For Clean Stylish Dashboard Interface

There are many admin area themes but only a few gives your dashboard a clean classic style that can be used for a longer duration of time. This article list three WordPress plugin that enables a beautiful dashboard themes as soon you activate them. Following are the most popular and best admin area themes you must give try.

Bootstrap Admin

Bootstrap Admin is a clean, minimalistic and beautiful administration theme based on Twitter’s Bootstrap.


MP6 is a secret WP plugin  (where MP6 doesn’t stand for anything) by Matt Mullenweg, Andy Peatling and 13 other developers. It simply transforms your admin area interface to the one that may be reshaped in near future.

MP6 Light (MP6 Addon)

MP6 Light is addon plugin for main MP6. The plugin lightens the mood of the MP6 Plugin.

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