Today Is COVID-19 Pandemic, Tomorrow Might Be Another Emergency

Many, if not most businesses are not able to work hundred percent online, remotely and this is because they are still living in the industrial age and waiting for the things to get back to normal, things will certainly get back to normal but the new normal will be different. The world is changed, the consumer is changed and who knows tomorrow might be another kind of emergency so it would be better for you to change your way of doing business and bring it online.

You might need to pivot in business and think about other opportunities, the additional services, and products which you can offer to your existing customers to overcome the loss in your business and build another safer stream of income that can work today and tomorrow without making you poor in any time of crisis. For this you should startup as people’s personal outlet and help other businesses to come online by offering them internet essentials such as domain name, making their business website or online store, or simply home-employing them as your outlet and share profit from each order they bring.

Start by following Sangkrit’s four fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business as this sufficiently prepares you for staying at home and stay unaffected from this crisis or any such thing in future. Its consistent course won’t let you become poor or dependent during any future emergency as well.

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