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A Global Recession Made In China

Stocks are crashing in every other country as the people are dying everywhere due to globally spread Wuhan virus technically termed by the World Health Organization as COVID-19. Just to prevent a complete collapse, exchanges temporarily stopped trading at certain stages.

This ‘Made in China’ global recession with a pandemic, is going to be really hard to contain because the governments would unusually work for shutting down businesses and making the customers absent other than spending billions of state funds to cope with the pandemic.

Managing The User’s Portfolio

Investments can be made simplest by creating an user’s portfolio. You ought to be investing only in your user’s portfolio.

That means whatever you use is worth investing for. Like whatever successfully drives your buy decision that regularly is worth investing substantially in its stocks as well.

Buying and selling the stocks may have another simplest rules. You may buy only around a 52 weeks low price within your user’s portfolio to be selling only around a 52 weeks high price.