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Google Introduced Handwrite For Mobile And Tablet Search. Now Use Your Fingers To Search The Web

Google Handwrite is a new way for searching web by using your finger to write and search in your smartphone. After voice search now Google introduced new search feature Handwrite. It enables you to search anything anywhere by writing letters by moving your finger on the screen not by typing from keypad.

Start using Google Handwrite:

  1. Go to Google.Com in your mobile browser.
  2. Tap on Settings persent at the bottom of your screen .
  3. Enable Handwrite

Whereas in tablets, Search settings are available as an option behind the gear icon. As you can see in the folowing image:

After you enable Handwrite feature:

  1. Activate writing surface by tapping Handwrite icon present at bottom right corner of your screen
  2. You will be noticing search autocomplete below your search box as you type a few words.
  3. If you find any option appropriate then tapp it to search or continue your writing for longer queries.
  4. Use arrows (present next to the autocompletions) for moving the right option into the search box.

We designed Handwrite to complement rather than replace typing: with the feature enabled, you can still use the keyboard at any time by tapping on the search box. Handwrite is experimental, and works better in some browsers than others—on Android devices, it works best in Chrome. For now, we’ve enabled Handwrite for iOS5+ devices, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets—in 27 languages.



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