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How To Make A Private WordPress Website Or Hide It On The Internet?

Managed WordPress allows anyone to make a website and enables its access to limited members. If you simply want to make certain posts or pages private then that option is already there on WordPress and if you want to hide it completely, that can also be done.

Making Certains Posts & Pages Private

WordPress already allows you to keep certain posts, pages, or post types private or password protected, the option is present in the ‘Summary’ section on the right below the ‘Publish’ button on post editing screens.

Making Your Complete WordPress Website Password Protected

To hide your website on the internet and allow only selective users to access the website you may use the ‘Hide My Site‘ plugin. Install it from Plugins -> Add New page. Once activated, navigate to Settings > Hide My Site > Set Your Password. If you want to disable password protection uncheck the box at Settings > Hide My Site > Enable Password Protection. The plugin allows you to set a single password to view the website.

Discouraging Search Engines To Archive Content

You may also discourage search engines from taking content from your website to show it on search engine results pages by navigating to Settings -> Reading and ticking the option to discourage search engines from archiving the website.