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The Game Is Over Before It Could Even Begin

vijaygoyalJust think, if Vijay Goyal goes through Delhi Assembly elections without offering unnecessary credit to Narendra Modi and wins to become the Chief Minister. Again think, if Narendra Modi wholeheartedly campaigns to make Vijay Goyal Chief Minister but fails because of Sheila Dikshit or more adversely due to Arvind Kejriwal. Have you understood now that whatever result may come through Delhi’s assembly elections, Narendra Modi is sure to get defeated. If Delhi assembly elections are given due hype, Narendra Modi loses for sure.

Delhi is India’s only state that can boast of complete connectivity. Total number of mobile phone connections here are much larger than total number of people living here. Internet Growth Engine has got greater internet influence than both BJP and Congress. a concerted campaign can make anyone win here but no campaign can make Mr Narendra Modi a political beneficiary out of Delhi’s assembly elections. That is the check-mate. The game is over before it could even begin.