Registering New .STORE Domain Name For eCommerce Websites

Due to the lack of short, desired names in most top-level extensions, many domain registrants end up registering a domain with some filler word, hyphen or number which are not so effective solutions because a good domain name should be short, meaningful and easy to remember.

With new .STORE domain extension you can take advantage of the uncrowded space and you are more likely to get the original choice of the domain on a first-come-first-served basis. The .STORE domain directly serves the eCommerce market so it can be a good option for your new online store to create a distinctive space for your business.

Some advantages of .STORE domain:

  1. Is new, so less crowded
  2. Help clients to remember you as a store
  3. You can differentiate between your main website and webstore
  4. Describes your business before anyone even lands on your website
  5. Websites and Blogs that sell merchandise on side can highlight their store on their website with a .STORE domain

How to register .STORE domain name? Visit, type domain name desired by you and press the GO button. The system will present you a list of available domain names. You have to select the choice of your domain name and continue with the registration process.

How to set up your online store? Once your domain name is registered, follow this tutorial to startup your online store yourself.

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