Register 5 Or More Domains And Get FREE Private Registration

There are many free extra products you get while registering a domain name at Free extras include forwarding and masking, domain lock, total DNS control, change of registration, status alerts, auto renew protection, email and website builder. 

But do you know by registering 5 or more domains at, you get Private Registration completely free of cost. It can be used on all domains you have registered on your account.

Importance of Private Registration

When you register a domain, your personal information is all exposed on Internet. Personal information includes your name, address. phone number, your email etc.

It’s all published online and any one can see it with some whois service, as mandated by ICANN. But many of you would not be liking to expose your private details. Here comes the use of Private Registration which shows so its information in public records and not yours. See the difference yourself:

Private domain registration

It protects you from spams, scams, prying eyes and helps you:

  1. Protect your identity
  2. Stop domain-related spam
  3. Block harassers and stalkers
  4. End data mining
  5. Maintain your personal and family privacy
  6. Prevent domain name hijacking
  7. Shield legitimate business endeavors

Hence, you maintain jam-packed control on your domain. You can cancel it, sell it, renew or transfer it, set up name servers and resolve disputes involving your domain.

You can learn more about private registration here.

Registering five domains in bulk:

You can either add domains one by one in your cart or use bulk domain registration tool here.

When you register five or more domains at one time, Private Registration service is automatically added in your account and you can start managing it from your accounts page.

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