Produce Random Lines From Star Trek: The Original Series In Your WordPress Site

He’s Dead, Jim. A WordPress plugin (Like “Hello Dolly) produces random lines from Star Trek: The Original Series to your WordPress site.

He’s Dead, Jim

Concept is that except that instead of lines from “Hello, Dolly” you get lines from Star Trek: The Original Series. It needs no configuration, just install and activate it.

If you have Hello Dolly activated then “He’s Dead Jim” will output its text underneath the “Screen Options” and “Help” tabs and if Hello Dolly is not activated the it displays the text where hello Dolly does. Following images make it more clear:

He’s Dead, Jim with Hello Dolly

random lines from Star Trek: The Original Series in WordPress

He’s Dead, Jim without Hello Dolly

Like "Hello Dolly" from Matt, "He's Dead, Him"

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