Not Any Politician But The Internet Class Is The Engine Of Revolution Everywhere

In general there is a question that what utmost benefit the people of India may derive from this Loksabha election? In India not only the ruling party INC constantly failed despite ruling India since independence but the so-called opposition of BJP also failed after winning three elections in a row. Even seasonal outfits like AAP emerged and failed many times before also in the formats of Janata Party, Jan  Morcha  and Janata Dal. Therefore e-merging India should vote for a change by opting all open options wisely since it is the engine of a real revolution instead of any Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal.

The particular question is that how could you contribute your utmost in to this Loksabha election? The new thing this time is a NOTA (none of the above) button on voting machine. Pushing that vote poses a true threat to corrupt mechanism of incompetent representation. Not any politician but the upcoming Internet class is the engine of revolution everywhere. Internet Growth Engine is focusing to constantly increase its numbers everywhere so that people across all countries may stop now repeatedly losing their elections.

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