Now 300 Million People From The Middle East & North African Countries Can Acquire Direct Access To BitCoin

About 300 Million people living in the Middle East and North African countries were not having direct access to bitcoin but today Bitcoin Nordic introduces cashU payment option. CashU prepaid cards can be bought at locations all over the Middle East and North Africa.

CashU prepaid card is way to top up a cashU account. CashU is trying to make itself globally available by cooperating with Ukash and some other payment mechanisms.

Lasse Birk Olesen, Head of Operations at Bitcoin Nordic says:

“We are very excited about introducing cashU as a payment option on Bitcoin Nordic. This will expose Bitcoin to a whole new region”

CashU prepaid cards are now available in the Middle East and North African countries with large presence in the countries like: Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Qatar and United Arab Emirates

Purchasing bitcoins with CashU  is MtGox 24h average + 15% at the moment but Bitcoin Nordic is looking forward to lower down this as soon as volume increases.

Bitcoins for CashU is now available at

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