No One Is Ever Going To Win The Arms Race

No one is ever going to win the arms race as it is already over with the success of bitcoin. An underground leader of peer-to-peer programming Satoshi Nakamoto  finally won it for establishing individual independence. 

Internet is still an industry that would never get regulated by sovereign states like any other industry. It is in fact going to get itself finally separated from even the concept of old oppressive extortion state forever.

Old oppressive extortion state established even the worst kind of politics. Not only Saud but whosoever can adequately afford a sustainable armed force can own his part of planet Earth. You do require monopolizing violence in your homeland.

For staying successful in politics, you must not ever breakdown your political consistency as that configures your core constituency, which you just cannot afford alienating since that strengthens you in fact. Politicians need not speak about everything. They do require speaking only in the consistency of themselves. The most disgusting thing about the existence of the state is that it mostly fails in following its own regulations.

But things are not so through the Internet Age. Individual freedom matters above all despite the continuity of stock options in domains. The brightest fact about a program is that it never ever fails in following its own protocols.

A few years from now and the technology would overshadow all politics. You should better be dumping all politics now for following the technological advancements of Internet Age.

With technology getting wearable in omnipresent connectivity all over the world, internet would become inseparable from human life. Furthermore evolution would impact us differently, developing another kind of human being by distant future.

No one is ever going to win the arms race as another world is taking shape with another humankind.

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