Temporarily Moving WordPress Plugins To A Separate Directory

When you install so many plugins in your WordPress site and fear deleting the discontinued ones. The question appears, if there is a way to keep inactive but important plugins in a separate folder?

Moving inactive plugins to a new location is a good idea. This not only keeps such plugins out of your sight but it saves your website from getting hacked. The reason is inactive plugins and themes are the weak points of any WordPress installation.

Start by installing and activating Plugin Mover

Plugin Mover provides you an easy way to define and move plugins to a separate location in WordPress.

After activation, access your WordPress hosting cPanel or FTP and create a new directory in wp-content folder.

Plugin Mover 1

Login to your WordPress admin area and define a folder under Tools -> Plugin Mover.

You simply need to type in the name of directory you have created in your wp-contents folder.

That’s all with the configurations, now you can easily move plugins from Plugins-> Installed Plugins page, simply select the plugins and then use ‘Move to x folder’ option from the bulk actions dropdown menu.

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