How To Backup/Restore Android SMS, Call Logs & Other Local Data?

With a Google Account, your most of your account data gets automatically backed up on cloud but transferring call logs, SMS, MMS etc can become a problem.

Likewise most people have their important personal data like text messages and contacts etc on their phone and in-case of device failure data transfer might become a problem, specially if you are not using any add-on backup app.

Easy Backup 1

Here comes the use of Easy Backup, an Android app that lets you easily run a backup of all your local device data like SMS, MMS, Call logs, Calendar, Bookmarks, Dictionary, Contacts and Apps.

Easy Backup 2

How To Use  Easy Backup?

Start by installing  Easy Backup app in your Android device, launch it and then you can either schedule it for automatic backups or manually run the backup wizard.

Easy Backup 3

After backup is complete, you can view backup contents, email it. You can backup data on SD Card and easily transfer it between devices or you can save it online to Dropbox or Google Drive.

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