How To Check Your Laptop Battery Health In Ubuntu?

Ubuntu has made laptop battery health check very-very easy. It uses ‘Power Statistics’ app which comes installed by default from Ubuntu.  It simply offers you power stats on a range of connected hardware and that is the thing which makes it useful for more than just checking battery and its info. The best thing about ‘Power Statistics’ app is that all information is presented in a clean and user-friendly style.

Checking your battery health in Ubuntu means opening up ‘Power Statistics’ app and there are many tutorials out there that shows you how you can access ‘Power Statistics’ app in your Ubuntu machine but the easiest way is to click ‘Dash Home’ present in Ubuntu launcher and start typing Power Statistics in search bar, the app icon will come visible there. Now click ‘Power Statistics’ icon and open the app.

Battery Health

Battery health 2

Now scroll down till you see ‘Energy when full‘ (your battery’s current max charge) and ‘Energy (design)‘ (original maximum charge specified by the manufacturer). Now larger gulf between numbers shows how lower the charge your battery will be able to hold. Scrolling more down will show you a percentage gleaned from ratio of the above two numbers: original capacity to current capacity.

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