How To Browse provides you almost everything you need to come online, build your online business website, promote it on Internet and start earning from home. Being online actually means having a domain and website of your own. So if you too want to come online with a website, blog, webstore or anything else running on your domain then’s right navigation menu is the right thing to browse on world wide web.

It is useful for website designers to find online resources and better hosting plans to create client websites, for beginners willing to create their website on their own, for business owners who want to start selling online or promote their business on popular search engines and for everyone who want to improve his Internet life.

Using Right Navigation Menu of

Right navigation menu of SANGKRIT

Right sidebar menu provides you Domain Registration, Hostings, Website Builders, Malware Scanners, Marketing Apps and all important tools for creating websites, bringing your business online and promoting yourself/your content/ your products on Internet. It has multiple sub-menu navigations:

Make Your Website Today is the first navigation menu item for beginners to easily create their own websites.

WebHostings, Servers & VPS menu contains everything you need to host a website. From shared hosting plans to virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers etc.

  • Website Hosting Plans: Provides you a powerful cloud infrastructure that’s easy to use and always w
  • VPS (Virtual Private Servers): Now everyone can afford the reliability, security and scalability of the Cloud for hosting their websites and web services.
  • Dedicated Servers: Powerful servers with high performance hardware, generous bandwidth & total control.
  • Dedicated IP: For building your business on its own unique IP address to make your website accessible and manage things even when your domain name is unavailable.

Website Development Tools contains various types of CMS and website building applications:

  • Website Builder: If you want a profession looking static website then you may go for website builder.
  • WordPres Hosting provides you one click WordPress installation which is the most popular website building and publishing platform. WordPress can be extended to any kind of website from a simple blog to a fully functional social network and more with its free plugins and addons.
  • Quick Shopping Cart: Easily create your own online store. All you need to do is choose a design, add products and start selling things online.
  • Web Design Services: Get in touch with our experts and they will create, host and update your dream website.
  • Web Store Design Service: Our experts will design your eCommerce webstore.
  • Search Engine Visibility: Easily promote your business on Google®, Yahoo!®, and Bing® to increase traffic to your website and get more customers.

SSL & Malware Scanners contains SSL certificates, Code Signing Certificates and Malware Scanners for your websites.

Internet Marketing Tools has powerful apps you need to promote your business online like you may go for Express Email Marketing and build your own mailing list, it also provides you features for social media promotions at the same time.

  • Express Email Marketing lets you increase sales through email and social marketing. Up to 70% less than our competition!
  • Fax Thru Email lets you send and receive faxes through your email account.
  • Quick Content enables you to turn your parked domain into a complete website in minutes. Suing this service you can boost revenue on your parked webpages with relevant, professionally written articles.

Email & Cloud Storage menu has everything you need to start your own professional email accounts system (like Gmail) on your own domain for your business, staff and team members etc:

  • Business Class Email: Join the 12 million who trust to manage their email.
  • Hosted Exchange 2010: Corporate-class email at small-business prices. No IT resources required!
  • Online Storage: To store your files in the cloud! Access documents, photos, video, and more — anytime, anywhere.

And there are more email related products.

Shardul Pandey Talks is a universal program for promoting those individuals, who sign-up for free account towards developing a domain of Internet as their private property and create virtual wealth in webspace so if you too want to get interviewed, simply sign-up here then email to considering any conversation upon this as subject to publication here.

Own Your Domain menu allows you to register/transfer domains and there are plenty of other domain tools and services.

How To Make Use Of 2

Login/SignUp menu provides you links to create your free account and login to it.

Using Left Navigation Menu of

How To Make Use Of 3

The Homeschool menu lets you know more about us and the Internet.

Free Press menu provides you category filters of our technology media website. Using the Free Press menu you can browse WordPress tutorials and become expert in designing websites, adding more features to your website, promoting website content on social networks and using Android and Chromebook etc to improve your Internet life and much more.

Free Bid provides you link to’s sponsor package.

Anyone can contact us anytime by sending an email to

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