Having A Wedding Website Is Becoming The New Wedding Trend

In today’s internet age, making a wedding website is becoming the new wedding trend. WordPress themes repository is getting loaded with tons of wedding themes. Plugins like RSVP are enabling users to keep track of guests attending the event. This lesson will explain to you everything you need to know about having a wedding website.

What Is The Purpose Of Making A Wedding Website?

The primary purpose of making a wedding website is the provide a central hub for you and your guests and keep everyone updated about what’s going on and what is planned for the big day. It includes all the important details of your wedding. Unlike social media, it offers you more control and saves you from making personal details public.

Wedding Website Can Be Kept Completely Private

Some people keep their website completely private, only allowing only a landing page that asks people to log in for accessing the content of the website. By doing this you can post content privately and use email invitations to let your guests register on your website in order to access the content.

Wedding Website Helps You To Share Photos & Videos On The Go

On every special moment, you can capture and publish photos or galleries to your website from your smartphone. Online interactions and commenting are also possible, people can post comments and you can not only reply to them but you can remove or edit out anything you don’t like.

Wedding Website Lets You Make Updates To The Last Minute Change

It generally happens on the wedding day that things go late or the timing for the occasion changes due to some reason. Sometimes weather forecasts heavy rain and the venue is changed from open to the party hall. So instead of getting through hundreds of phone calls and text messages you can broadcast the update on your website and inform all guests with an automated email notification.

The RSVP Allows You To Track Who Is Attending The Event

RSVP is an initialism taken from the French phrase Répondez s’il vous plaît, which literally means “Respond, if you please”, to confirm the invitation. In this internet age, the term is used by various plugins that allow you to set up an RSVP feature and know how many people will attend your wedding.

Wedding Website Preserves Your Memories Forever

You, your children, and their children would be able to see how exactly things happened. The timeline of photos, videos, and how people have wished you, all of the memories of your wedding from your beautiful digital wedding portal. You may also make it public and monetize it so that it can also bring some value back to your bank account by helping others see and learn from your example.

Wedding Website Can Accept Monetary Gifts

Cash is a worldwide acceptable wedding present and now with the new idea of wedding websites, people are accepting it online through their website. You can also do that, it would be easier both for you and your guests.

When Should You Create Your Wedding Website?

It should be created on the day your wedding is fixed so that you may continually blog and share updates with your friends and relatives. You can discuss venues on your websites with your friends, they can share important information and help you in selecting wedding planners, venues, and caterers from their experience.

How Much Does A Wedding Website Cost?

It’s much cheaper than the per person head cost of who is attending your wedding. Yes, it’s cheaper than you think.

How To Make Your Wedding Website?

You simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan, it automated process will set up your website and you will be taken to the admin panel in just a few moments.

Next, on the admin panel, visit Themes -> Add New page and type ‘Wedding’ in the search box and you will be presented with a number of wedding themes (layouts) that you can choose from and activate on your website.

If you need RSVP feature, then from Plugins -> Add New page, type ‘RSVP’ and you will be presented with a number of RSVP plugins to choose from. This will enable you to know who is attending your wedding and who is not. This way you can plan how many guests you will have and how many seats and catering you are going to need.

How To Keep Your Wedding Website Completely Private?

You simply need to visit Plugins -> Add New page then search and activate the ‘My Private Site’ plugin. This plugin provides website access only by going through a password.

How To Invite Friends & Relatives To Join Your Website?

From the Users -> Add New page, you can invite guests by typing their email addresses to join you on your website.

Your admin area dashboard is your control center, from there you can manage your whole website.

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