Establishing A House Of Sangkrit

Everywhere establish a house of Sangkrit by leading a pandemic-proof lifestyle for helping humankind into internet age. determines the ultimate orientation in this regard. guides the way onward.

How to have a house of Sangkrit anywhere?

Avoid buying any flat, apartment or multi-story building as the house of Sangkrit is preferred to be an adequately independent dwelling.

Frontal facade should have a commercial opening for functioning as a peoples’ personal outlet with a wide open public lounge. Outer sideway should lead to the residential quarters having a front opening from inside over an elevately separated private lounge parallel to the outer public lounge. Attic with a faraway view is to be used for webacsting.

How to run a house of Sangkrit anywhere?

Residents are proudly called inmates since they lead a pandemic-proof lifestyle by managing their house with social distancing and absolute untouchablity from outside world. Altogether they form a family.

Inmates must cooperate in doing all their household chores themselves without commercially involving any outside domestic help. Everyday begins with everyone cleaning or cooking and after an early brunch; everyone is to be programming or blogging; till a high tea in the evening.

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