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Sangkrit Is The Pandemic-proof Life-style

Coronavirus pandemic has come into existence as a lifestyle problem that can get dealt only with a lifestyle solution. Sangkrit is the pandemic-proof lifestyle capable of coping with this. 

Sangkrit is the solution

Pursuing the core fundamental of domaining your purpose of life by practicing & promoting four fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world & blogging your business along with making others also following a similar routine comfort; adequately prepares everyone for staying home with necessary social distancing not only through pandemic times but thereafter as well; ultimately leading everyone into the internet age through its saviour ecosystem. Sangkrit is such a discipline for disciples; e-merging as upcoming universe of Sangkrit Gurukul.

As an upcoming universe

Sangkrit Gurukul is developing into a collaboration of homogeneous households functioning as peoples’ personal outlets by independently establishing their own houses of sangkrit at a place of their own choice. People’s personal outlets survive by selling online support to the domainers whom they introduce into the https://system.sangkrit.net for independently owning and developing their own domains.

Revering Sangkrit, domaining your purpose of life is to become the core fundamental of your being in this world and that deserves a dedicated server at first as following that for establishing your own house of Sangkrit, only a dedicated partner is to be desirable.

Universally humane & eternally enterprising

Sangkrit households homeschool their children initially into the domaining of their own family and later on let them be developing their own domains as well as internet startups to change the world.

Simply studying is never enough. Learning business is essential. Learning business while doing business is the way of enterprising own education in the universe of Sangkrit. Thus Sangkrit becomes your complete lifestyle that remains universally humane but eternally enterprising.

Establishing A House Of Sangkrit

Everywhere establish a house of Sangkrit by leading a pandemic-proof lifestyle for helping humankind into internet age.

Sangkrit.org determines the ultimate orientation in this regard. Sangkrit.net guides the way onward.

How to have a house of Sangkrit anywhere?

Avoid buying any flat, apartment or multi-story building as the house of Sangkrit is preferred to be an adequately independent dwelling.

Frontal facade should have a commercial opening for functioning as a peoples’ personal outlet with a wide open public lounge. Outer sideway should lead to the residential quarters having a front opening from inside over an elevately separated private lounge parallel to the outer public lounge. Attic with a faraway view is to be used for webacsting.

How to run a house of Sangkrit anywhere?

Residents are proudly called inmates since they lead a pandemic-proof lifestyle by managing their house with social distancing and absolute untouchablity from outside world. Altogether they form a family.

Inmates must cooperate in doing all their household chores themselves without commercially involving any outside domestic help. Everyday begins with everyone cleaning or cooking and after an early brunch; everyone is to be programming or blogging; till a high tea in the evening.

Old World Order Is Over

Old world habits form the harbouring placements for pandemic since virus moves as the people move. Anyone getting back into the old world order actually endangers all.

Upgrading humankind for leading a pandemic-proof lifestyle is the only possible way out of its any further reach up to you. All of us will have to cooperate for ascertaining that.

We may do so by establishing ourselves as a globally distributed order of peoples’ personal outlets. So that none has to get back into the old world order for anything at all.

Sponsoring Sangkrit can facilitate for that in general as there is no solution workable for anyone in particular. Everyone following four fundamentals confirms a pandemic-proof lifestyle.