To Err In Economics Is Doing Politics And Mere Suggesting That Makes An Economist

Why do the politicians love to talk about reforms? Just because they know the limitations of fellow economists that they cannot ever be more worthwhile while the governance is all about giving or not giving as per political considerations. 

Jean Tirole was given the Noble Prize in Economics and the European Parliament has brought a resolution for unbundling search engines from other commercial services. Europe has never thought that why European countries were unable to unleash even a single internet monopoly like google, facebook, wikipedia or twitter but made unnecessary stress upon thinking that how to regulate that or even breakup better; knowing fully well that they are incapable of doing either. After all a successful political campaign is the campaign to cause a cerebral collapse and that too most massively.

It has been politics to err in economics as suggesting that made the most of economists. Politicians err in economics since economists serve them that. Economists have always been compiling the way that economic reforms has become the buzzword in politics.

Most of the people across all the countries are left unhappy, protesting and resisting the systems of wronged economics that worked so well for economists.

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